Jigs and Fixtures

Jigs and fixtures are specialised tools used in manufacturing and machining processes to ensure the accurate and repeatable production of components.

jigs and fixtures

They are essen­tial in var­i­ous indus­tries, includ­ing auto­mo­tive, aero­space, elec­tron­ics, and met­al­work­ing. Both jigs and fix­tures play cru­cial roles in improv­ing effi­cien­cy, pre­ci­sion, and con­sis­ten­cy in man­u­fac­tur­ing processes.

Jack Green Engi­neer­ing have a long his­to­ry of pro­duc­ing jigs and fix­tures. You can rely on us to for con­sis­tent qual­i­ty and on-time deliveries. 

Key Features

Engineering Jigs:

  • A jig is a device that guides, supports, and holds a tool in the correct position and orientation to perform a specific operation on a workpiece.
  • It is designed to facilitate the repeatability and accuracy of a manufacturing process, such as drilling, tapping, reaming, or milling.
  • Jigs are particularly useful for tasks that require precise alignment or control over the tool's movement.


  • A fixture is a device used to hold and locate a workpiece securely during a manufacturing operation.
  • It is designed to position and support the workpiece in the correct orientation to ensure consistent and accurate results.
  • Fixtures are commonly used in welding, assembly, and machining, where the workpiece must be held in a specific position.

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